The Basics

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The Basics

Post by Eustis on Fri May 21, 2010 7:39 pm

When you enter the forum there are several topics to choose from. In every topic there a few to many sub-topics in which you can browse through and post in by pressing You can also make your own topics for others to reply to by pressing The best way to spice up your topics are by using the Smilies, such as Very Happy Sad Shocked Twisted Evil Evil or Very Mad Wink Rolling Eyes The Announcements topic is the best place to catch up on our latest updates and news. Someone may be trying without you knowing, so be sure to check your message inbox every once in a while You can also edit your personal Info. and other things such as your avatar and signature. You can reach this option by clicking Profile up on the bar above like shown before. You can find out who's online in the bottom left hand corner on the hompage
Please post any further questions in the Support topic.

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